About Me

My name is Alisa Boswell-Gore, and I have spent the past nine and a half years working in the journalism, public relations, and marketing fields. During my seven years with a community newspaper, I not only developed strong leadership and communication skills, but as the face of our media institution, I had to regularly exercise networking and public relations skills, as well as work closely with city, county, state, federal, judicial, military, and university officials. Having worked in this industry for so many years, I have a strong understanding of public information laws and how the media side of a public relations relationship works.

I have also gained valuable experience running my own marketing business from home and working as a volunteer board member with United Way of Eastern New Mexico and Crime Stoppers of Roosevelt County, such as coordinating and operating events and fundraising campaigns, public speaking, website and social media management, design, and video. My entire career revolved around a variety of communication methods and atmospheres – interpersonal, community relations, public speaking, and written. 

I have a vast amount of experience with writing in a variety of genres, in editing, proofing, developing story prospects, and I have highly strong interpersonal skills and written and oral communication skills, as well as marketing skills. I also have a Master of Arts in communication, and in 2018, I began teaching myself design and video skills. I filmed and edited the 2019 campaign video for United Way of Eastern New Mexico and completed an hour-long documentary for the completion of my master’s degree. 

Something personal:

Reading and writing are my favorite activities, but I also enjoy trying my hand at photography, acrylic painting, jewelry making, and anything outdoors. I am a Marvel comics junkie, but you will also find me reading anything from 17th Century literature to modern day mysteries. I love riding my Indian motorcycle with my husband, Shawn, and I love to spoil my three fur babies and my 13-year-old stepson.