About Me

My name is Alisa Boswell-Gore, and I have spent the past nine years working in the journalism, public relations, and marketing fields.

As a first-generation college graduate from a poverty background, I started at the bottom and have spent the past nine years pouring dedication and hard work into all of my professional endeavors. 

I ran a newspaper newsroom by myself for four months after only being one year on the job, and in 2012, I was asked to head a start-up energy industry magazine due to my dedication, work ethic, and ability to be independent. And I have been running my own business as I obtain my master’s degree.

I am no stranger to hard work. I prefer jobs that require me to work hard and challenge me to grow. And there is nothing I am more passionate about than efficient and effective communication, community relations, and leadership.

I have spent my entire professional life being placed into leadership positions and professional situations in which I had no preparation or training for, and this has taught me to be highly independent while also being a team player and to have the ability to be personable while also being professional. I have adapted to a variety of environments, worked with a variety of personalities, and have overcome a vast amount of obstacles throughout my years in the professional realm.
I have a strong passion for communication, whether it entails telling stories, connecting with people or helping to serve a need. 

Reading and writing are my favorite activities, but I also enjoy trying my hand at photography, acrylic painting, jewelry making, and anything outdoors.

I am a Marvel comics junkie, but you will find me reading anything from 17th Century literature to modern day mysteries and comic books. 

And I love riding my Harley-Davidson motorcycle with my husband, Shawn, and I love to spoil my two black panthers (don't be alarmed - they're actually house cats) and my 13-year-old stepson, Gavin.

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