After almost a decade of working in the communications realm in one capacity or another, I have learned three very important things: Marketing your company and its product is highly important, communicating with others in regard to that marketing is highly important, and business owners do not have the time to manage this communication along with everything else they have to do. 


That’s where Renew Communications comes in. I chose this name for my company, because that is exactly what I want to do for other businesses is renew their communications. My goal is to make your company more efficient and your product/brand/services more prominent by fulfilling your marketing needs by being that communication bridge between you and other companies and by helping you promote your product/services.


Don't know where to begin with your marketing? Let me help! I'll design ads for you, get you savvy in social media and other online platforms, and connect you with other companies that can help, among other things!


Communication is my strong suit, and it is the thing I am most passionate about. If you don’t have the time to worry about all of that marketing communication, whether it be social media, emailing or phone calls, I’ve got your back!

















Marketing consultant


Don’t have time for all of the emails, conference calls and other details your company’s marketing entails? Save hours in your day by hiring a company to be the communication bridge between you and your various design and marketing companies. I can do all the detailed communication for you by arranging your marketing and design needs with companies you work with. 

I can also provide you with video marketing ads and static ads or whatever other marketing materials you might need.

If there are services you need that I cannot provide, I can connect you with a business that does and foster the relationship and contract from beginning to end. 

I can also provide consultation, training, and assistance with social media and other online platforms and help get your company up and running with them.

I will even help with the planning, coordination, promotion, and execution of a company event! 


Cost: $25 per hour + applicable sales tax. An additional $50 service charge is added for videos over 30 seconds long. 

Feature stories and other written content


I have an extensive background in writing and can provide companies with articles/feature stories, press releases, blogs, and more. I can also provide editing and proofing services on publications and any individual written pieces.


Cost:$100 per feature story/article + applicable sales tax. Photos included with no additional cost. The $25 per hour rate will apply to editing/proofing services.



I have nine years of photography experience and can offer photography sessions for advertising content and take photos of company/organizational events.

Cost: $100 to provide 10 photos + applicable sales tax.

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